I make music as an independent artist and I provide audio for commissioned work.

Onna Limb

is Jochem Knoef

Located in the north of the Netherlands in a city called Leeuwarden, I am a 27-year-old musician/producer who merges his background as classical percussionist and a drummer for several indie bands with composing and songwriting. I have a tireless curiosity for compositions and exploring new sounds. My work involves recording independent music, collaborating and performing with artists and doing commissioned work.

How can we create music together?

You can hire me for a variety of different purposes. Let’s get in touch and collaborate!


As a composer I make commissioned work for any application, such as film, theatre, commercials, multidisciplinary art projects and events.


One of my dearest musical obsessions is playing drums and percussion. For almost twenty years now I have been playing and studying all kinds of musical backgrounds and I love to contribute to your music, as well as live as in the studio.


As a producer I support the artist. I help them with audio production, songwriting and I try to realize their artistic vision.

Studio engineer

If you need someone to guide you during the recording process, translating ideas into the sound that you are looking for. I work in Studio Schaaf in Leeuwarden, in Studio Hitfabryk in Giekerk and in my home studio in Leeuwarden.


I’d be happy to share my knowledge regarding making/writing music, playing drums and recording audio.


Being active in the cultural sector, I also work for festivals and cultural organizations as a project leader, stage manager or artist manager.

My work

Check out some of the projects I did


Audiovisual installation

Wetter & Wyn

Sound Art festival Lûd

Woe Blind Birds


Watersoundscape Potmarge

Soundscape for art installation

Onna limb music

Listen to my solo project

Let's get in touch 🙂


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