An audiovisual installation about being on yourself, by Celine Wierda (in Dutch). Shot by Jurjen Jellema & music by Onna Limb.   https://vimeo.com/656258774    

Joules The Fox – Woods of Words

With German artist Joules The Fox I collaborated on the track "Woods Of Words" for which I did percussion and synthesizer.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkSBtCtWA3Y&ab_channel=JoulestheFox-Topic

Mighty Hare – Fables

Worked together with Mighty Hare (Ties Wijnen) on a track called "Fables", vocals & lyrics by Onna Limb

Watersoundscape Potmarge

With Abel de Grefte I form a producer duo called Eerie Waves. Together with Tristan Visser we made a soundscape for an art installation...

Lost In The Digital Age

An audio-visual interpretation of our quarantined lives by RJ van Assen & me. It's about isolation, but without a sense of comfort or a...


I created an ambient escapist dream world in an old bunker from the Cold War era, together with Baz Laarakkers & Marinus Groen. We...

Wetter & Wyn

Working together with like-minded artists is a big part of my practice, Tristan Visser is such an artist and together we created a live...

Woe Blind Birds

I am in a band called Woe Blind Birds, where I sing, play drums, write songs, produce and mix. These two songs are taken...

Welcome to the Village 2019

As a solo artist under the name Onna Limb, I was asked to provide music for this cinematic impression of festival Welcome to the...

The Future’s Dust

I played drums and wrote songs in a band called The Future’s Dust. The band ceased to exist in 2016.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7W4Se1T1brU